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Uniform Patrol Division


Uniform Patrol
Captain Duane Howard


The Uniform Patrol Division is under the command of Captain Duane Howard and is made up of dedicated deputies who take pride in the work they do. The principal responsibility of this division is to provide twenty-four hour protection for the citizens and visitors of Laurens County .   

In addition, the Uniform Patrol Division acts to prevent the occurrence of crimes through visible preventative patrol; to respond rapidly to all requests of an emergency nature; to improve the criminal apprehension rate by conducting thorough preliminary on-scene investigations where appropriate; to assist citizens in dealing with legal, medical, social or humanitarian problems through direct crisis intervention and/or making referrals to agencies equipped to deal with such problems; and to improve law enforcement and community relations through increasing the quality and quantity between citizens and the Sheriff’s Office.

The Uniform Patrol Division is comprised of twenty-four deputies and is geographically dispersed through the 713 square miles of Laurens County .  The Uniform Patrol operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, including all holidays.  

The primary goal of the Uniform Patrol Division is the preservation of peace and social order. To achieve this goal, every effort will be made to build a strong positive relationship between the Sheriff’s Office and the community it serves.



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