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Judicial Services Division


Judicial Services
Captain Charles Boyce


The Judicial Services Division, under the command of Captain Charles Boyce, is responsible for providing security at the courthouse, serving child support rules, family court actions, subpoenas, arrest warrants, orders of protection, and many other forms of judicial process.  



The Judicial Services Division is divided into three units:



Warrant Unit
The Sheriff's Office is expressly directed by statute to be a conservator of the peace and, therefore, in accordance with the provisions of section 23-15-50 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as amended, must arrest all persons for whom criminal warrants have been issued.   Consequently, it is the policy of the Sheriff's Office to effect these duties in a diligent and timely manner.  The Laurens County Sheriff's Office has deputies assigned to investigate and effect arrest to ensure its compliance with this statute. 

Court Security Unit
Deputies assigned to the Court Security Unit are responsible for providing security for Judges and assigned court personnel within the Judicial Center .  They work closely with all court assigned personnel to ensure the safety and integrity of the judicial process.  Security checks are performed on all persons entering the Judicial Center to include attorneys, private citizens, visitors, witnesses, petitioners, victims, media and others who may have business within the facilities.  

Child Support Unit
This unit is comprised of deputies that are responsible for the service of child support papers, family court actions, subpoenas, and orders of protections. 

The judicial functions represented here are services provided to all Laurens County residents regardless of jurisdiction.  Sheriff’s Offices are mandated to provide these services, regardless if you live within a municipality or the unincorporated areas of Laurens County .




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