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Criminal Investigations / Narcotics Division


Criminal Investigations / Narcotics
Captain Stephane Williams


The Criminal Investigations Division’s mission, under the command of Captain Stephane Williams, is to thoroughly investigate a wide variety of criminal cases which occur throughout the county. Our desire is to provide support to the victims of criminal acts, apprehend the offenders, recover stolen property, seize illegal drugs and assets from illegal drug sales. We accomplish this through community involvement. Cases are generated through police reports from the public, pro-active investigations and crime tips received from the community.


The Criminal Investigations Division is divided into three main sections:



Criminal Domestic Violence / Sex Offense
The Criminal Domestic Violence / Sex Offense Investigator is responsible for conducting follow up investigations on felony offenses committed in domestic relationships and investigate all sexual assault cases involving adults and/or children.  All domestic cases investigated by the Sheriff’s Office are reviewed to check prior domestic violence history and to identify potentially volatile situations.  This investigator works closely with prosecutors, medical professionals, child advocates, rape crisis advocates and other law enforcement agencies to focus on the successful prosecution of offenders.


Narcotics / Vice
Narcotics / Vice Investigators are uniquely training and have extensive knowledge of the narcotics trade, specializing in the recognition, apprehension and prosecution of persons involved in illegal drug activity. 







Major Crimes
The Major Crimes section is made up of a group of highly trained and veteran investigators who handle the most serious of crimes.  Many of these cases end up in trial scenarios based upon their severity and the exposure for the offender to long prison sentences. Based on that fact, these investigators understand that every detail in each case has to be accounted for and thoroughly researched. The Major Crimes section takes a great amount of pride in the true professionalism it has demonstrated as well as the excellent reputation it has earned throughout the community and the law enforcement family. The investigations of these cases are handled with the utmost integrity, fairness, and commitment to finding the truth. This insures a consistent effort that enhances the quality of the investigations as well as a constant pursuit of the reduction of major crime. All of our efforts are focused at improving the quality of life for the Citizens of Laurens County. The Major Crimes section carries out this mission by the detection and apprehension of criminals and the resulting deterrence of crimes of this nature.










If you have any information on any past,
on-going, or future criminal activity
please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 864-984-4967.

Information will be kept confidential if requested.




Evidence Control
The Community Services Division is responsible for the storage, documentation, tracking and final disposition of all evidence/property submitted into the property control system. The Evidence Custodian is responsible for the collection of submitted property from the temporary storage lockers as well as collection, transportation and processing of items which require special handling or transportation needs. The Evidence Custodian is also responsible for the research on the disposition of the property in the custody of Property Control and notification to deputies and property owners to insure that the property can be disposed of in compliance with federal, state and local laws, and Laurens County Sheriff’s Office Policies.



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