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The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office is a community focused agency with a firm commitment to the citizens of Laurens County and to the philosophy of community oriented policing.  Under the command of Captain Ted Richardson, this commitment is displayed through many self-imposed values and projects that the sheriff’s office submits to, as noted below:




D.A.R.E. is the acronym for Drug Abuse Resistance Education and the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office firmly stands behind educating our children to prevent future criminal activity, drug abuse and family breakdown.  D.A.R.E. is provided by the Sheriff's Office to any schools that desire the program within Laurens County and is primarily taught in the fifth grade.  This program is funded by the County of Laurens , fund raising events and private donations.

D.A.R.E. is a substance use prevention education program designed to teach young people the effects of drugs and alcohol. D.A.R.E. also teaches self-management and resistance skills. This program uses a well-trained, uniformed deputy to teach a formal semester-long curriculum.  The teach them how to make good decisions on

 School Resource Officer Program (S.R.0.)
The School Resource Officer Program is a collaborative effort by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, Laurens County Government, educators, students, parents, and the community to offer law related educational programs in the schools in an effort to reduce crime, drug abuse, violence, and provide a safe school environment.  Our deputies routinely accompany school groups as they travel to athletic and field trips.

The School Resource Officer Program places a deputy in a school full-time to provide a variety of support programs and services to the students and staff.  The overall goals of the program are to maintain a safe and secure learning environment on the school campus, influence the development of positive attitudes by youth towards the law enforcement community, and to reduce juvenile crime through the use of intervention strategies, proactive policing, and networking.


 This is done by using the triad concept. The Triad Concept is a three stage approach.  

  1. Law enforcement officer: The School Resource Officers are state certified law enforcement officers who serve as deputies for the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office. The SRO’s are required to complete a comprehensive School Resource Officer training program. These deputies enforce all state and local laws and are at the school to maintain a safe and secure learning environment.

  1. Law-Related Educator: Once in their assigned school, the SRO's function is to serve as a positive role model for the students. This is accomplished through daily interaction with the students. The SRO will teach courses on topics such as Law Related Education, D.A.R.E., conflict resolution, internet safety, peer pressure and many more classes.  
  1. Law-Related Counselor: As a counselor, the SRO serves as a resource to the students, their parents, and the school faculty. Students will often first approach them with personal, scholastic, family, or law-related problems.  By networking and developing response checklists, the SRO is prepared to refer persons in need to appropriate agencies that can assist them.  This is the most dynamic aspect of the SRO’s assignment (Being an active listener).

The SRO program is a community policing approach practiced within a school environment. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office  has four School Resource Officers that are assigned specifically to Hickory Tavern, Gray Court-Owings, and Laurens District 55 High School.  Generally speaking, this provides the maximum benefit for the school and the Sheriff’s Office.  The school becomes the deputy’s beat.


The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office "Kid-Print" program is a free service.  The program provides parents with a computer generated copy of their child's fingerprints, an identification picture, and statistical information about their child for use in an emergency situation.

 If your community group, church or other organization would like for us to attend your next event, please contact Lt. Larry Young at 864-984-4967 for scheduling or more information.



Explorer Post 2008
The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office recognizes a need to build strong rapport and professional relationships with area youth. Chartered by the Boy Scouts of America, Explorer Post 2008 is a function of the Sheriff’s Office that puts young people, who are interested in law enforcement, in direct contact with Deputies.

An Explorer Post is fundamentally a Scout group for young adults, male or female, who are between 14 and 21 years of age and have completed the eighth grade.  The mission of Exploring is to help young people mature at this particular stage of their lives to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults. This is done through a program of activities that helps youth pursue their special interests.

Explorer Post 2008 meets twice a month. At these meetings, Explorers are instructed on different topics related to the law enforcement field including: conducting traffic stops; completing paperwork; investigating traffic collisions; serving warrants; legal knowledge; and physical fitness. 

Explorers get hands on experience through a variety of scenarios acted out before other Explorers and Post Advisors.  They also assist in a variety of functions at the Sheriff’s Office to include traffic control at football games, parades and other community activities.


 Other Programs / Events
The Sheriff’s Office is proud to participate in all community events.  Listed below are just a few of the various programs/events that the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office has participated in since 2001:  

  • First Steps
  • Lifelong Learning
  • American Red Cross
  • Teddy Bear Fair – Laurens County Hospital
  • Mental Health – Drug Education
  • Laurens YMCA – Drug Education
  • Clinton Unity Fest – Security / Educational
  • Ware Shoals National Night Out
  • Laurens National Night Out
  • Cross Hill Parade Festival –
    Security / Traffic Control / Educational Booth
  • Pioneer Day – Owings – Traffic Control
  • Fountain Inn Parade
  • Clinton Parade
  • Christmas for Kids
  • Crime Watch/Neighborhood Watch Program  
  • Charity Softball and Basket Ball Games


  • Law Enforcement Presentations
  • Laurens High School – Drug Education
  • Student Mentoring Programs
  • Boy Scouts
  • Joanna Parade
  • Enoree Parade
  • Ware Shoals Parade
  • Gray Court Parade
  • Joanna Festival –
    Security / Traffic Control / Educational Booth
  • Hickory Tavern Opening Day Parade
  • Joanna Woodson School – Educational
  • Laurens Parade  
  • DUI Simulations
  • Vehicle Days at Schools
  • Clinton High School – Prom Night Education
  • Numerous other church and community events



Hospital Resource Deputy Program

In 2008 the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office entered into a contract with the Laurens County Hospital .  The contract provides that four deputies be assigned to the hospital to provide law enforcement and community services for staff, patients, and visitors.  This partnership makes it possible to have a deputy around the clock at the Laurens County Hospital at minimal cost to the tax payer.  Deputy salaries and most related expenses are paid for by the Laurens County Hospital System. 



"Working Together to Build Bridges Between the 
Community and Law Enforcement"

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