Administrative Services


The Administrative Services Division is under the command of Captain Mickey Coats and provides business and technical support to other divisions within the Sheriff’s Office.  The division is made up of deputies and civilian support staff who assist in all of these functions of the Sheriff’s Office.  Each of the staff has their own responsibilities and duties each day, but all are cross-trained to insure that all positions are covered in the event of absences due to sickness and or vacations.  They must possess exceptional customer service skills while assisting the general public, other government and law enforcement agencies, and the media. They are responsible for answering incoming telephone calls, forwarding calls to appropriate departments, greeting the general public and staff of other departments.


The Administrative Services Division is specifically responsible for the following facets:  

Fiscal Management
The Administrative Services Division is also responsible for the preparation, tracking and management of the Sheriff’s Office annual budget, purchasing/procurement, accounts payable/receivable, and payroll.  In the 2011-2012 fiscal year the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office has been allocated $3.2 million for enforcement and courts and $2.0 million for the operation of the county jail.

Recruitment, Training, and Retention
The Administrative Services Division is responsible for the recruitment and selection of personnel for the law enforcement and civilian components of the Sheriff's Office. This division also maintains the personnel records of all employees, prepares and disseminates payroll for employees of the Sheriff's Office.   The Administrative Division also ensures that every deputy sheriff completes the mandated training requirements as set forth by State and Federal Law and the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy . This training includes the use of firearms, taser electronic control devices, bloodborne pathogens, radar operation, Interpersonal Communications, Datamaster, defensive tactics, defensive driving course and CPR/Standard First Aid. Advanced training is provided for those deputies working in specialized units. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office strives to provide the best possible training for deputies to protect themselves and the citizens of Laurens County from harm.

Internal Affairs Investigations
Internal Affairs is responsible for investigating allegations of improper conduct or policy violations involving Sheriff’s Office members.  These “administrative investigations” are conducted independent of any criminal investigations into the same matter. 

The administrative investigation allows the office to police its own members and identify, correct or improve any behavioral, systems or policy matters.   The Internal Affairs process is invaluable for instilling public confidence and assisting command staff in promoting ethics and professionalism throughout the office as well as in its members.  

Records Management
Records Management is a critical part of any organization dependent upon the use of stored information to accomplish its mission.  Nowhere is this more important than in law enforcement where it is often the sole source of information that is required by a host of society’s
functions.  Without a properly functioning records management program cases could not be followed up, victims could not be assisted or protected, suspects who initially escape would not later be caught and prosecuted, the innocent would face false accusation without recourse, the public would not know about the problems in their own community, and the public would have no basis for trust in either law enforcement or criminal justice.  While many of the tasks performed by a Records Section may seem repetitious or just “paper shuffling” the personnel involved never forget their underlying importance.

The Records Section maintains all reports submitted by deputies of incidents handled during the course of the performance of their duties. This paperwork is disseminated to local, state and federal agencies as required by law. The Records Section also maintains dispositions, and executes expungement orders, within accordance of the law and is responsible for maintaining case files on arrests or charges made by deputies.

The Administrative Services Division is responsible for meeting the supply, logistics and equipment maintenance requirements of the Sheriff's Office. This includes the acquisition, tracking and distribution of capital equipment, expendable supplies, weapons and other law enforcement equipment and supplies, to include the vehicle fleet in excess of 80 vehicles.

Sex Offender Registry
In South Carolina convicted sex offenders must register with the County Sheriff ’s Office where they reside.  In addition, all persons convicted of violations under the laws of the United States or any other state substantially similar to an offense for which registration is required shall provide to the local agency all necessary information for inclusion in the State Sex Offender Registry within ten days of establishing a residence within South Carolina . Any person required to register shall also be required to re-register within ten days following any change of residence.

The Sex Offender Registry Section is tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • Provide the community with public information on registered sex offenders by ensuring that all registered sex offenders are listed on the Sex Offender Registry Website for South Carolina and the information on the offender is current.
  • Take appropriate measures to ensure sex offenders are complying with South Carolina Sex Offender Registration Laws.
  • Track and verify information given by sex offenders.
  • Maintain sex offender files and databases.
  • Work closely with South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (S.L.E.D.) and other law enforcement agencies on issues regarding sex offenders.
  • Follow-up on cases involving registered sex offenders.
  • Provide information to deputies in the field regarding sex offenders.

You may view the current Sex Offender Registry for Laurens County by clicking here or view all South Carolina sex offenders by going to  the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (S.L.E.D.) website at and clicking on the link to “Sex Offender Registry”.


Civil Process
Sheriffs in South Carolina have two important functions concerning the administration of justice: enforcing both criminal laws and civil laws. Criminal law enforcement is more easily recognized by the public. But enforcement of civil law is also their responsibility. This enforcement is specified both in statutory law and in "Common Law", which are decisions handed down by the courts.  The primary purpose of the service of process is to give a defendant notice that a legal proceeding has been initiated against them and to afford them the opportunity to defend against it. The process advises the defendant of the nature of the action brought against them and also vests jurisdiction in the court that issued the process. Process is the means by which a court obtains jurisdiction in a cause to settle controversies involved therein and to enforce its orders against parties involved. The sheriff is mandated by South Carolina law to serve the process of the court.  


Reserve Deputy Program
The Reserve Deputy Program was established to focus on providing direct support to the Uniform Patrol and Administrative Services Division. Reservists serve in a volunteer non-paid capacity and many have unique civilian occupations which include knowledge, skills and abilities different from those that might be expected in law enforcement.

Reservists are sworn, uniformed deputies who work under the direct supervision of Lieutenant Jimmy Sharpton in the Administrative Services Division.  Reserve Deputies provide traffic control during special events, provide law enforcement assistance during public events, patrol the county to prevent and detect crime, answer calls for service and assist in special operations conducted by the Sheriff’s Office. 

Qualifications to be a Reservist are essentially the same as those of Regular Deputies. This maintains the same high standard for all sworn elements of the Sheriff’s Office. To be a Reserve Deputy an individual must have graduated from High School, be at least 21 years old, have no criminal record, have a valid S.C. Driver's License, undergo a satisfactory background investigation and meet physical fitness standards of the job.

A Reserve Deputy must complete more than 80 hours of law enforcement training and satisfactorily pass an examination administered by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy . Exceptions to this may be made based on prior law enforcement training and experience or in the case of State Constable training.