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I know and will be guided by the fact that:

It is my duty at all time, both on and off duty, to set an example for all Law Enforcement personnel as well as the general public. I will be courteous and tactful, but firm at all times.

I will keep personal views out of law enforcement duty, but will put all of my personality into the performance of it.  My ability as a Deputy Sheriff is measured by the qualities of alertness and devotion to duty I display in aiding and protecting the citizens of Laurens County.

As a Deputy Sheriff, I realize that I am one of the most highly visible forms of County Government. Therefore, I will present an appearance that will reflect credit upon the Sheriff’s Office and Laurens County.

Through constant study and analysis of all laws and ordinances, as well as rules and regulations, I will be able to explain why certain acts are prohibited.  I will also strictly observe and enforce these laws fairly and justly, making no exceptions.

Offenses are not committed against me as a Deputy Sheriff. They are committed against the state and society. Therefore, I will have no personal feeling in the handling of offenders.

When a crime has been committed, I am duty bound to make the investigation and the apprehension.  During the course of these actions, I will be guided by the law, and by the ethics of my profession.

When making an arrest, it is my duty to use only the minimum amount of force necessary to affect the apprehension.  It is the duty of the courts to inflict punishment.

I will never yield to temptation to use my office for personal or material gain. The office I serve is now a part of me.  Therefore, to debase my office is to debase myself.

As a representative of the Sheriff and Laurens County, my authority is great, and my responsibility is grave.  My commitment to the enforcement of the law is total and absolute.  It is my reason for being.

I realize that I have been placed in a position of responsibility and trust, and that I must conduct myself in a manner that is above reproach.  I will expect no less from my fellow officers.


"Working Together to Build Bridges Between the 
Community and Law Enforcement"

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