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Special Operations and Response Team (S.O.R.T.)

Sheriff Ricky W. Chastain implemented a Special Operations and Response Team (S.O.R.T.) in June, 2007.   The focus was to provide a tactical response to the following: hostage incidents, armed barricade incidents, high risk warrant service, high risk vehicle stops, dignitary protection, surveillance assistance, and any crisis situation deemed appropriate by the Sheriff.

The team is comprised of 18 members,  four Laurens County Paramedics and fourteen highly motivated deputies,  that are assigned regular law enforcement duties within the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office and are activated if needed. The goal of the team is to resolve critical incidents with a high degree of tactical precision and professionalism. S.O.R.T. works very hard to resolve highly complex and dynamic situations.

Before being chosen as S.O.R.T. members, candidates undergo highly competitive selection processes.  If selected, new team members receive specialized training in high risk warrant service, hostage rescue, barricaded suspect extraction, and other high risk situations. Once this training has been successfully completed, Team members are assigned a variety of special weapons and receive additional training on an ongoing basis.  Members maintain high levels of physical fitness, practice tactical response to high-risk incidents and to sharpen skills in handling special weapons.

Through professionalism, dedication, training and state of the art equipment, the Special Operation Response Team will continue to react to the mission with enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism.





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